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antenna installation

Antenna Installation

Are you looking for reliable services for installing your antennas? We provide just that!

Our services include a provision of TV antennas, Digital TV, Digital Antenna and their installation. whatever is your requirement for antenna installation,Antennas Geelong give first-rate benefits in the areas of TV antennas, satellite and CCTV installation. will professionally handle it.

Other than providing antennas and their installation, we also solve problems related to TV reception, blurry and fuzzy signals dropping in and out. You can contact us anytime for our professional services.


CCTV & 4G Alarms

With our modern products, you will not require a phone line. Our service comes with feasible rates and battery backup. Along with these, we also provide the following features for our product:

  • Instant TXT to mobile
  • Instant phone alarm to mobile call
  • Motion and smoke detection
  • Video streaming to call

When it comes to installation of CCTV cameras, we provide quality service. Whether it is small CCTV small camera for your home or multiple cameras for your office, we can professionally handle it. We provide similar service for 4G alarms as well.

If you need an alarm system and not you are not sure about how to install it?  We can assist you just give us a call.

home theatre

Home Theatre Systems

Who doesn’t like having a cinema or theater in their homes? If you are one of those people who want a good home theater system, you should contact us. We can provide you with a quality home theater system and its installation.

Along with simple installation, we also configure AV amplifiers, handling of TV mounting to walls and speakers’ installation for your home theaters.

wi fi

WiFi Data & Home Network

Whether you are setting up an office in your home or simply Wi-Fi for casual purposes, you will need professional handling of data networks. This is where we come in.

We provide following services related to data connections of Wi-Fi in a home network,

  • Home office setup
  • Home network installation
  • Data point installation
  • Wi-Fi Setup
  • Satellite Installation

Contact Us so you can do your work and we can do ours.

satellite installation

Satellite Installation

Satellite system installation

Satellite antenna installation requires professional skill. No matter the location of your home, we can determine the best location of your satellite antenna at your place. We can install it as well as fine tune it for quality reception of signals.

tv point

TV Point Installation

Sometimes, due to amateur handling or wrong service, the tv antenna is set up at the wrong point.

You can stop worrying and call us. We provide excellent TV antenna installation at the correct point

tv mount

TV Wall Mount

Services include TV wall mount installation, flat screen wall mount

The modern TVs are coming with slim screens. The flat screen TVs are now a common trend. With the new age TVs, wall mounting of TV is also becoming popular. This is because wall mounting is the safest option for a house with kids.

When it comes to wall mounting, it is a task which requires finesse. Your mates and house members will not do a good job. Instead, you can call the professionals like us and let us do it for you.